The ever-expanding world of gadgets

The world is changing and the number of new gadgets that hit the market every week confirms that. The sheer number of new gadgets is astounding when you compare it with previous several years. We have seen a steady increase in the number of different gadgets and last year or two experienced a boom in this industry.

This happened thanks to the advancement of the technology. Last decade or so saw significant investments into the discovery of new tech, and we are ready to reap the fruits of all that labor. Many technologies have been around for several years, and only now we have the knowledge to use them to their maximum and create new and exciting gadgets that will take the world by storm.

Everything started from social networks

Snapchat appSocial networks attract millions of people. Devices that increase the experience individuals get on those social networks are sought after for a long time. Any gadget that makes it easy to navigate social networks and to create stuff they can post on it is always welcome.

Due to this need for tools that will enhance the social experience we got Snapchat Spectacles. These glasses allow the user to film short (up to ten seconds) videos. This gadget is directly connected to the Snapchat app on the smartphone, and thus you can upload videos as soon as you film them. This is a relatively new tech, and thus it won’t be easy to obtain it.

Biki underwater drone is another excellent gadget that sees high demand on the current market. This is a small drone for underwater filming as it packs a 4k camera. The control of the drone is manual, and you have a smartphone app that will allow you to take the monitoring of this neat gadget. The camera is stabilized, and thus movement of the drone doesn’t disrupt the filming. It has been a rough road for this product to hit the market, but a crowdfunding project made it all possible.

Robotics research experienced a boom in last decade or so and we are nearing the point where robots will take over the majority of mundane work. One of the first steps on this road is Kuri robot nanny. This is a small robot that contains quite some neat features. It can alert you when people come to your house, and it can also be used to listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. This is far from a perfect robot, but it is another step toward one.

The future of gadget tech is bright

Experimentation leads to products and some of the have faults or the tech level isn’t high enough to create a working device that will have a purpose. Many gadgets that come out are like that. Parties rush research, and the products they put on the market are far from perfect. But the technology advances and it causes new similar products to hit the market and succeed where its predecessors failed. But the cycle of experimentation and failure is there to improve the tech and bring us better products.